Full range of marketing & brand awareness services
during and after your ICO


We provide 24/7 management of your
social media channels so that your
investors can get the answers they need
and responses to their concerns.


We provide highly skilled answers to the users due
to our deep reading of the whitepapers, roadmaps,
technical project specifications, blog posts and
team communications on different channels, so
that you can feel you are on the spot even if you’re
not, and you don’t have to repeat the same
concept twice. Wherever it is already stated, we’ll
echo that to the rest of the community when relevant.


We work with you on your strategy, using
experience gained through our previous
projects to advise you on the most
effective partners to have in place or
advise against actions we know to be

What We Do

We offer key solutions for your business.

We dynamically promote your project, give you recommendations when you need advice
and we can handle token distributions. Based on what you want, we can hand hold you or
forward you in the right direction. We have organic sources of promotion and we will
professionally market your platform using our volunteer bounty hunters. They write their
positive opinions on various media. Check out some of our references under the ``Clients`` section.

Hype on Bitcoin

Hype on Reddit

Hype on Telegram

Megapost on Reddit

Content Creation

24/7 Community Management

Post + Like + Follower

( Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, LinkedIn )


Bounty Campaign

Token Economic Analysis

Your project's token economic model can make or break the results of your sale. The token analysis experts at Zeugma will work with you to maximize the intrinsic value of your token.

Key Document Development

The effectiveness of essential documents, such as your whitepaper or pitch deck, are critical to the fundraising process. Our team will help you develop these from scratch, or help optimize existing ones.

Expertise Token Security

We specialize in helping clients structure security token sales, while navigating the quickly changing regulatory environment. Meet and exceed the high level of scrutiny for your upcoming security token offering.

End to End Support

Gain full access to an experienced bounty & community rewards manager to develop and execute a truly effective campaign from beginning to end.

Comunity Management and Engagement

Upgrade your project presence across all the essential social media channels and ensure interested investors receive answers to their questions immediately with Zeugma's 24/7 community management services.

Marketing Services

Maximize the exposure your blockchain startup draws, both pre and post-ICO, by connecting with our partner network including Renowned & Co., who have helped clients raise over half a billion USD to date.

Our Clients

Few clients are listed below. More on request

Our Team

Vincent Lionheart


Oğuz Paca

Project Manager

Uğur Bulut

Bounty Menager

Hakan Yüksel

Project Manager

Burak Tatlav

Bounty Manager

Burkay İnan

Product Manager

Serkan Azak

Crypto Hunter

Contact Us

We’re always on the look out for another exciting project to work on.
If you're working in the crypto space and planning an ICO or
just want help managing your communities, we'd love to hear from you.